Avoiding Garden Injuries, Winter Color, Live Christmas Trees

Durham Master Gardeners, Dr. John Harrelson and Charles Murphy

Durham Master Gardeners, Dr. John Harrelson and Charles Murphy

Gardens can dangerous places.  Dr. John Harrelson talks to Charles Murphy about what you can do to avoid injuries and how to keep yourself in garden-ready condition over the winter months.  Charles also tells us how to keep color in our garden through the winter months.  Amy Hill brings us tips for have live Christmas trees this year.

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Technology Transforms Sweet Potatoes, Triangle Gardener Magazine, Pecans, Lady Beetles,

Sweet potatoes are one of NC’s largest crops but their full value was being realized elsewhere until NC State University introduced a new technology — creating jobs and some unexpected new products. Lise Jenkins introduces us to some of the people making that happen. The Triangle Gardener magazine is a great resource for information for local gardeners.  Charles Murphy tells us more. This week we welcome our new correspondent Amy Hill with Timely Tips. Continue reading →

Poinsettias On Trial

North Carolina poinsettia growers will send over 4 million plants to markets along the east coast.  Lise Jenkins interviews Dr. John Dole, professor and head of the Horticultural Science department at NCSU about the poinsettia trails at the JC Raulston Arboretum.  Charles Murphy explains that while raised beds are a popular way to garden in our area they don’t last forever and what you need to do to rehab your old beds.  Our host, Harold Johnson, concludes his visit to the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market.
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Avoiding Pain, Off to Market, Where do Turkeys Come from Anyhow?

This week the Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, helps us avoid the inevitable pains of working in the garden.  Our host, Harold Johnson, continues his series from the Chapel Hill farmers’ market.  Lise Jenkins is absent from her garden instead she is out learning where turkeys come from.  Continue reading →

Lime, Bread, and Garlic -Oh My

The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, cautions us about adding lime to our gardens.  Our host, Harold Johnson, makes us hungry visiting the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market, and Dan Mason brings the words of Kit Flynn to live in the “Adventures with Garlic”.  Amy Hill’s Timely Tips for November are included on our site. Continue reading →

Power Up Your Tools, Horticultural Therapy, Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market

The Enthusiastic Gardener helps us take care of our power tools, the NC Arboretum in Asheville has a very special event  this winter, Lise Jenkins learns how gardening can be therapeutic, and Harold Johnson goes to the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market.  Continue reading →

Caring for Your Tools, NC Arboretum

This week the Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, tells us how to take care of the tools we are putting up for the season and Harold Johnson visits the NC Arboretum in Asheville and learns about their exciting plans now and into the future. Continue reading →

Make Your Tools Last, Making Choices, Ancient Art of Bonsai

Our host, Harold Johnson, brings us up to date.  The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy,  wants to make his tools last, and Harold Johnson introduces us to the ancient art of Bonsai and puts his skills to use at the Master Gardener office. Continue reading →

Worms Recycle My Scraps, Selecting Bonsai Trees

Our host, Harold Johnson, brings us up to date.  Lise Jenkins talks to NC State Cooperative Extension Specialist Rhonda Sherman to find out how to use worms to recycle her kitchen scraps and create a valuable soil amendment.  Harold Johnson has a special guest in the studio today -Owen Reich of  Bonsai Unearthed in Nashville, TN. Continue reading →

Raking Leaves, Andrea Wulf, Testing Soil

Our host, Harold Johnson, brings us up to date.  The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, gets to work raking leaves.  Lise Jenkins speaks with best-selling author Andrea Wulf, and Charles Murphy tells us about one of the most important thing you can do for your garden —soil testing.
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