100 Years of Service, Bluebirds, Tomatoes and Tiny Trees Abound

For 100 years, the NC Cooperative Extension Service has been helping the citizens of NC expand agriculture and industry across North Carolina.  Today, the Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteers launch their new radio program providing expert gardening information for NC gardeners.  In this episode you will learn more about the NC Cooperative Extension story, find out it is not too late to attract Bluebirds to your garden, learn how to manage tomatoes for better results, and find out about this weekend’s expo at the JC Raulston Arboretum from the Triangle Bonsai Society.

Our host, Harold Johnson, will introduce us to the NC Cooperative Extension Service and the role it has played in our state’s history.
Charles Murphy’s Vegetable Series
Master Gardener Charles Murphy will launch his series on successful veggie gardening and will guide us through growing some of our seasonal favorites —tomatoes, squash, and okra.
Lise Jenkins Interview with Ken Kernodle

Ken Kernodle of the NC Bluebird Society

Ken Kernodle of the NC Bluebird Society tells Master Gardener Lise Jenkins in his interview about attracting Bluebirds to your garden,“If you build it, they will come.”

Coming Next….

In next week’s episode we will continue to explore cultivation practices for terrific tomatoes, learn how to keep better garden records, and find out about some of the wonderful gardening events taking place.  Until then, get out to your garden and Get Dirty!


What’s Happening - North Carolina State University Resources

Expert Interview
  • Ken Kernodle, NC Bluebird Society
  • North American Bluebird Society

  • Triangle Bonsai Expo at the JC Raulston Arboretum