Winter Beds and Durham Trees

Winter Beds and Durham Trees - The Enthuastic Gardener, Charles Murphy reminds us that it’s not too early to start preparing your garden beds for winter.  Our show host, Harold Johnson, talks with Durham’s Sustainability Manager, Tobin Freid about trees in our community and Durham’s sustainability projects.

What’s Happening

  • Thinking about a fall vegetable garden? Check out this week’s timely tips.
  • It’s tick season: Be Alert.  Check out this week’s timely tips.
  • Find out more about Digging In Durham seed exchange at a library near you.
  • Now is the time to start preparing to help prevent insects from gaining access to your house -find out what steps to take.
  • Find out how to become a Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer.


The Enthusiastic Gardener

The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, shares some tips for transitioning your garden from summer into the next season.

Expert Interview

Durham’s Sustainability Manager, Tobin Freid


Harold Johnson talks to Durham’s sustainability manager, Tobin Freid, about the role trees play in our community. She describes some of the programs Durham has in place to protect our trees, including Trees Across Durham, Tree Keepers, Cankerworm control, and Durham’s Finest.

Expert Interview

  • Durham Sustainability Programs
  • Digging Durham
  • Trees Across Durham

Coming Next….

Lise Jenkins learns more about a tiny worm that is a big threat to Durham’s trees when she talks to Alex Johnson, Durham’s Urban Forest Manager.


  • Extension Gardener Series: Autumn Container Design - August 21, 6:30pm-8pm-
    Learn how to design your own fall container garden. Sponsored with the NC Cooperative Extension Service Durham County. Fee. Sarah P. Duke Gardens, Durham. 919-668-1707.
  • Introduction to Botanical Illustration (Short Course) - August 23, 1pm-4:30pm -
    This half-day class explores the history of botanical illustration, shows examples of various types of botanical illustrations and botanical art, describes the coursework for the Certificate in Botanical Illustration, and introduces the instructors. It is required for ALL students beginning the NCBG certificate program but is open to anyone. No prerequisites. Fee. North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill. 919-962-0522.
  • Well-Traveled: On the Influence of William Bartram and His “Travels” - August 24, 2:30pm-3:30pm -We’ll explore the many facets of Bartram’s influence here and abroad, from poets such as Wordsworth and Coleridge, to naturalists including Erasmus, Darwin and grandson Charles, Asa Gray, William Baldwin, and Charles Lyell. Free; advanced registration required.  North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill. 919-962-0522.


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