Power Up Your Tools, Horticultural Therapy, Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market

The Enthusiastic Gardener helps us take care of our power tools, the NC Arboretum in Asheville has a very special event  this winter, Lise Jenkins learns how gardening can be therapeutic, and Harold Johnson goes to the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market. 

Listen to the Entire Show: 

Timely Tips

In the Know…

Sally Haskett, Horticultural Therapy Program Manager, NC Botanical Garden

Sally Haskett, manages the Horticultural Therapy program at the NC Botantical Garden.  She tells Lise Jenkins about the program -who it serves, and how our community can get involved.   To find out more, visit the North Carolina Botanical Garden Horticultural Therapy Program‘s webpage.  

In the Garden…

Charles Murphy, Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer

The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, is tackling his power tools and getting them ready for winter.  

Harold Johnson finds out about a very special exhibit at the NC Arboretum in Asheville. 

Ali Rudel, Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market Manager

Harold Johnson goes to the Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market and talks with Ali Rudel, the market manager to find out about some of the ways the market helps the community. 



  • Sculpture in the Garden - Through December 7th - Up to 45 large-scale sculptures created by North Carolina-based artists integrated into the garden’s outdoor environment. Free. North Carolina Botanical Garden, Chapel Hill. 919-962-0522. ncbg.unc.edu.
  • Introduction to Mushrooms - November 1st, 9:30- 4:30 PM - NC Botanica Garden - This course is intended for a broad audience as an introduction to mushrooms, including their identification, ecology and cultivation. Session includes classroom discussion on the basic taxonomy of fleshy fungi and a foray to a nearby forest. Directions for the foray will be provided. Serves as 1/2 elective credit for the Certificate in Native Plant Studies. Bring your lunch. No prerequisite. Fee: $70 ($65 NCBG members)
  • Soil Ecology - Multiple Classes - Begins November 1st - 9:30 - 12:30 PM - NC Botanica Garden - This course is intended for a broad audience. Students are introduced to the complex world of soils including information on how they are formed, characterized, and populated by a wide array of organisms. An overview of soil types is presented, followed by the study of typical Piedmont soils and their properties. The various roles that soils play in both human society and ecological systems are discussed. No prerequisite. Fee: $125 ($115 NCBG members)
  • Plants of Distinction: Berries and Seeds for the Birds - November 4th 2:30-4:30 PM - Duke Gardens.  Fee $7 / $5 members. Registration: 919-668-1707 or gardens [email protected]
  • Design Strategies for the English Garden - 3-course series starts- November 4th, 6:30-9:00 PM - Duke Gardens.  Fee $95 / $90 members. Registration: 919-668-1707 or gardens [email protected]
  • Rock Garden Nation - November 8th, 10-11:30 AM - JC Raulston Arboretum - Please call (919) 513-7005 for more information about this lecture.  Website: http://jcra.ncsu.edu/events/details.php?ID=929
  • Plant Breeding for Home Gardener: How to Create Unique Vegetables and Flowers  - November 8th, 1:00 - 2:30 PM - JC Raulston Arboretum - Please call (919) 513-7005 for more information about this lecture.  Website: http://jcra.ncsu.edu/events/details.php?ID=930
  • Winter Bird Walk around and through the Big Oak Woods - November 8th - 8:00 - 10:00 AM  - NC Botanica Garden - Join Haven, who specializes in animal behavior and ecology, for a winter bird walk at Mason Farm Biological Reserve. Participants will look for woodpeckers, sparrows, and the newly arrived winter birds. Fee: $15 ($10 NCBG Members)
  • I Have Elephants in My Garden, So What is Your Problem - November 18th, 6:30-8:00 PM - Marie Butler, Landscape Coordinator for Virginia Zoo.  Durham Garden Forum - Free to members, $10 for visitors
  • Tussie Mussie: The Victorian Language of Flowers Workshop - November 19th, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM - Duke Gardens.  Fee $40 / $32 members. Registration: 919-668-1707 or gardens [email protected]
  • Backyard Conservation Practices - November 20, 12noon-1pm - Explore several ways that you can apply conservation practices to your yard while adding beauty and diversity to your surroundings. Learn to develop a plan for your own backyard that will help protect soil, water, air, plant and animal resources. Presented by Linda Birdsong, CCAP Coordinator, Community Conservation Assistance Program, NC Cooperation Extension Service. Attendees may bring lunch; beverages provided. Old Salem Museums & Gardens, Winston-Salem. 336-721-7300.oldsalem.org.
  • Holiday Tree Ornament Workshop: Leaf Garlands and Pressed Flowers - November 22nd - 10:00 - 12:00 PM - NC Botanica Garden - Join us for a Holiday Tree ornament making workshop! Participants will create leaf garlands and make pressed flower ornaments on paper to adorn the NCBG Holiday Tree. Materials will be provided, though your own pressed flowers and leaves could add to the variety of designs. Free, but pre-registration required.

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