Episode 27 - Technology Transforms Sweet Potatoes, Triangle Gardener Magazine, Pecans, Lady Beetles,

Sweet potatoes are one of NC’s largest crops but their full value was being realized elsewhere until NC State University introduced a new technology — creating jobs and some unexpected new products. Lise Jenkins introduces us to some of the people making that happen. The Triangle Gardener magazine is a great resource for information for local gardeners.  Charles Murphy tells us more. This week we welcome our new correspondent Amy Hill with Timely Tips.

In the Know…

How can a dairy process plant, microwave technology, and sweet potatoes come together to create new markets for NC farmers?  Find out when Lise Jenkins talks to Gary Cartwright of the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Science at NC State University and Jimmy Burch, one of NC’s largest sweet potato farmers.

In the Garden….

Charles Murphy, Durham Master Gardener

Our Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, has headed inside to escape the cold weather. But he’s still got his eye on his garden. This week, Charles tells us about the Triangle Gardener magazine and what it has to offer the house-bound gardener. 

Timely Tip…

Amy Hill, Durham Master Gardener

Amy Hill has joined the team as our Timely Gardener, offering suggestions for the weeks ahead.

Invasion of the Lady Beetles

We’re heading into winter, which means that you may soon find Asian lady beetles (commonly known as lady bugs) on your windows and light fixtures. Although they can be a nuisance, and can stink and stain surfaces if they’re crushed, they don’t do any harm. They’re just looking for a protected space to hibernate.

Seasonal Care of Pecan Trees

You say pe-can, I say pe-kahn, but there’s no calling off the perpetual appeal of this iconic southern tree.  Its elegant architecture in the spring, its cool shade in the summer, and the scrumptious flavor of the pecan nut in the fall and winter offer something for everyone.

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