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Managing the Drinking Water Falling on Your Garden

Heavy rains produce water that is not absorbed by our yards and, instead, flows into the stormwater system.  The velocity of this water sweeping through the stormwater system and into local streams erodes stream banks and carries street pollutants and sediment.  Lise Jenkins … Continue reading

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Add Winter Color with Deciduous Hollies

You can add winter interest to your garden with North Carolina native deciduous hollies.  Harold Johnson will introduce us to Ilex verticillata and Ilex decidua.  These hollies provide brilliant red berries for you, and the birds, to enjoy throughout the winter months.  

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Meet Mark Weathington

Harold Johnson interviews Mark Weathington, the new Director of the JC Raulston Arboretum.  The Arboretum focuses on plants that can diversify the American landscape.  They work with nurserymen to expand our gardening possiblities and educating the public on the joys of gardening. Bio: Mark … Continue reading

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Caring for Your Plants Indoors this Winter

Amy Hill is scratching her gardening itch by caring for plants indoors.  In this month’s Timely Tip, she share extension recommendations for houseplants. Read Amy’s blog about her houseplants

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Pruning Trees in Winter

In the Garden with the Enthusiastic Gardener The right tools and careful planning is all that stands between plant mutilation and effective pruning.  Charles Murphy explains pruning and shaping techniques and the best time to do so.  Below you will find links to helpful … Continue reading

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February: Winter Pruning, Caring for Houseplants, New Raulston Arboretum Director, Deciduous Holly, and Stormwater Management

February is a good time for planning. The Enthusiastic Gardener Charles Murphy guides you on  pruning your trees and shrubs. Amy Hill offers timely tips for caring for your houseplants during the winter.  Harold Johnson interviews the new JC Raulston Arboretum Director … Continue reading

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