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Seasonal Care of Pecan Trees

Amy Hill, Durham Master Gardener

You say pe-can, I say pe-kahn, but there’s no calling off the perpetual appeal of this iconic southern tree.  Its elegant architecture in the spring, its cool shade in the summer, and the scrumptious flavor of the pecan nut in the fall and winter offer something for everyone.

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Fending Off Lady Beetles

Lady bugs

We’re heading into winter, which means that you may soon find Asian lady beetles (commonly known as lady bugs) on your windows and light fixtures. Although they can be a nuisance, and can stink and stain surfaces if they’re crushed, they don’t do any harm. They’re just looking for a protected space to hibernate.

  • Build your own blacklight trap
  • Adapted from “Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles Inside Houses,” by Waldvogel et al., North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service
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Triangle Gardener Magazine

Charles Murphy, Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer

Our Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, has headed inside to escape the cold weather. But he’s still got his eye on his garden. This week, Charles tells us about the Triangle Gardener magazine and what it has to offer the house-bound gardener.

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Technology Transforms Sweet Potatoes

Howling Cow Milk produced at NCSU

How can a dairy process plant, microwave technology, and sweet potatoes come together to create new markets for NC farmers?  Find out when Lise Jenkins talks to Gary Cartwright of the Department of Food, Bioprocessing, and Nutrition Science at NC State University and Jimmy Burch, one of NC’s largest sweet potato farmers.

  • Burch Family Farms
  • Dept of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Science at NCSU
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Adding Color to Your Winter Garden

Charles Murphy, Durham County Extension Master Gardener Volunteer

Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy shows us how, with a little planning, our gardens can be colorful throughout the winter months.

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Avoiding Winter Garden Injuries

Durham Master Gardeners, Dr. John Harrelson and Charles Murphy

Durham Master Gardeners, Dr. John Harrelson and Charles Murphy

Are you risking injury in your garden?  Did you know that over the winter months gardeners are most at risk of shoulder injuries?  The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy, interviews Dr. John Harrelson, retired orthopedic surgeon and Durham county Master Gardener, about how to maintain strength and flexibility during the winter season in order to help avoid injury when readying the summer garden.

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