Fantastic Figs are in Your Future this Fall

NOTE: Amy Hill knows figs are the fruit I’ve been waiting to grow. After previewing her fig story I was tempted, but then Amy sent me some of her super yummy fig recipes and I was off to the garden center for my first fig plant.

Sustainable gardening relies on selecting the right plant for the right place and now is the time to plant figs.  Amy Hill introduces us to the fig tree, Ficus carica, which is well suited for our region. Amy tells us simple strategies for being successful with this southern favorite.


Key Points

  • Be sure to plant figs early in the fall so they will have enough time to get established before our cold weather sets in
  • Figs need full sun —that’s at least 8 hours of sun
  • Once established, figs are drought tolerant but will drop fruit in dry weather
  • A good crop requires constant moisture so add a layer of mulch and water during drought
  • Over fertilizing can reduce crop production


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