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Put Some Power In It

The Enthusiastic Gardener, Chalres Murphy, is tackling his power tool maintenance chores to ensure his tools are ready for spring. Find out what steps you need to take to keep your tools ready for action.

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Make Your Tools Last, Making Choices, Ancient Art of Bonsai

Our host, Harold Johnson, brings us up to date.  The Enthusiastic Gardener, Charles Murphy,  wants to make his tools last, and Harold Johnson introduces us to the ancient art of Bonsai and puts his skills to use at the Master Gardener office.

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Worms Recycle My Scraps, Selecting Bonsai Trees

Our host, Harold Johnson, brings us up to date.  Lise Jenkins talks to NC State Cooperative Extension Specialist Rhonda Sherman to find out how to use worms to recycle her kitchen scraps and create a valuable soil amendment.  Harold Johnson has a special guest in the studio … Continue reading

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Planning Ahead, Tomatoes on my Plate, Local Foods

In this week’s episode our host, Harold Johnson, reminds us of some of the tasks we need to complete now to prevent disease spreading later.  The Enthusiastic Gardener,  Charles Murphy, explores uses for your tomato harvest, and Guenevere Abernathy describes the triangle’s local food … Continue reading

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